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Electys comprises a team of dedicated individuals who work in the electricity industry. We share a common interest in educating people around us about electricity usage, the safety concerns and new technologies to enhance safety in houses. Our main goal is to provide adequate information about electricity topics.

We are concerned about safety in the use of electricity since we are into planning and building electricity in new houses ourselves.It doesn’t sound good to find the majority of people not having sufficient knowledge about safety issues in their homes. The trend should be corrected.

Electricity Measuring Units

The basic electrical units are measured based on the International metric system of measurement, the SI System. Calculations are done with one or two of the basic units to arrive at a derived unit of measurement.





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Safety Tips

Electricity makes life comfortable. Hardly can people do without it in a day. Most of our life activities at work and in our homes revolve around the use of electricity.

Modern homes have an array of gadgets that are powered by this somewhat indispensable solution.

It is necessary to educate every member of the family about the dangers inherent in the use of electricity homes, offices and at recreation.

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13 Rules For Electric Safety

The houses we live in give us the shelter we want for comfort. But with the availability of electricity in the home, carefulness is required to avoid electrical accidents from devices we use for convenience. Fire outbreak and electrical shocks are common occurrences with electricity faults in the home.

With a variety of appliances such as the television, refrigerator, fans, and others in the home, you can’t treat having adequate electrical protection for your home with levity.

Are you keen about giving adequate protection to your household?

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