About Us

Electys comprises a team of dedicated individuals who work in the electricity industry. We share a common interest in educating people around us about electricity usage, the safety concerns and new technologies to enhance safety in houses. Our main goal is to provide adequate information about electricity topics.

We are concerned about safety in the use of electricity since we are into planning and building electricity in new houses ourselves. It doesn’t sound good to find the majority of people not having sufficient knowledge about safety issues in their homes. The trend should be corrected. Most of the information on this website is sourced from trusted and reliable sources coupled with our hands-on experience on the field.

Our Belief

The time to make changes and correction in electricity handling can never be too late. The task of keeping within safety rules in the application of electricity is a commitment we have taken on our part to help people achieve. For us to be the change agent in this field, we hold it a responsibility to continuously enlighten people on the proper use of electricity and electrical safety gadgets.

We believe that the basic safety tips on electricity usage are the starting point to get people adequately aware about what they can do to be safe. We, therefore, take some moments with our articles to get this information across to our numerous readers on this website.

We believe in the safety of the entire household. For this, we direct our attention to every member of the family including the children.

We know that not all will be interested in taking charge of their electricity application in their homes. We equally believe electrical issues in the homes should be handled by qualified technicians and other professionals on the field. But we believe that households should use available safety equipment and know the basics of electricity.

Our Heritage

A good foundation on electrical safety measures is already on the ground. Home installations often have safety measures in place. Electrical safety rules and regulations are also in place.

We are glad that some homeowners already have the electrical safety installed in their homes.

We are building on this solid foundation to get people adequately informed. We are strongly in support of the call to the safety of lives when using electricity.

We all can give the needed push to make others take to adequately protecting themselves from electrical hazards.

Our Mission

At Electys we are committed to electrical safety in homes by providing the needed information on safety devices, rules, modern ways and devices that will help people enjoy the use of electricity in their homes without any accidents.

We have a responsibility towards this and are committed to carrying on the good foundation already laid by the government and electricity companies.

Our Vision

Electys envisions a world where electricity consumers will be totally safe in the use of electricity by embracing all safety measures and using available technologies.

The Future

Everybody should enjoy all the benefits that come with electricity without having to endanger themselves. We believe the future of electricity usage in homes will reach the point where there will be no fear of hazardous consequences.

It takes a collective effort to achieve this and the reason behind this educational website. We see a future where everyone will be adequately informed and take responsibility for the safety of others around.

Together we can drive the course of electricity and its usage to benefit all without endangering lives.